The employee completes the year goal ahead of time, the company directly rewards a car?


In November this year, an employee was named by the company as a result of achieving the company's annual goals ahead of schedule and actually rewarded a car worth 18000 USD.


The action of Dongguan Qingwu Electronic Technology Limited Company has really shocked fair number of people!



In October, the boss of the company put forward an objective of struggle——"Struggle for buying a car in two years,struggle for buying a house in five years."


Li Jiuneng can be said to be a hit this time,has won instant success,directly broke through the annual goal,as well as a car worth 18000 USD in one fell swoop.


When it comes to how Li Jiunieng felt, he replied with these words, "Frankly speaking,first of all, I am absolutely excited. I have never expected that the company would give me so much encouragement."


At the same time,what I want to express is my appreciation to the company for giving me such brilliant platform and motivation.


I really think this is not only the approval for me, but also for every on-the-job staff of our company.


Qingwu Pos Company really gives employees a lot of opportunities, where employees can find their full potential.


Colleagues help each other and the boss is also dedicated to the training of employees and tells employees "Life lies in experience."


Qingwu Pos staff team has a strong cohesion,which makes it step forward further and make a big difference to its development. Here the employees assist and discuss with each other,in Qingwu, these ordinary things happen almost everyday.


When meeting foreign customers, the reception people do not understand English, but have to embarrassedly explain the situation to customers, other colleagues will say no words to help him translate the customer's orders.


When the employee has no customers to receive and is in a low mood, the boss will hurriedly help the employee find the customer and comforts the employee, telling him that life is about sustained experience.


Here workers will always help each other pick up the goods, in the meantime they always discuss with each other to get through during these bleak years. In Qingwu, the above things happen every day.



What makes people sigh is that the company not only provides customers with high-quality services, but also sincerely admire Qingwu can understand that employees are in direct contact with customers.


Therefore, that is to say, to care for every employee is to care for every customer.


Qingwu has always advocated the need to have a common hope, a common concept, a common purpose. In Qingwu, no one can be separated from the collective.



Last but not least, I sincerely hope Qingwu can do better and better and always adher to the concept of "customer-oriented, employee-oriented ".


As a consequence,it will be more outstanding, more brilliant in the road of struggle !"